Welcome all TTT paddlers and supporters

We are a dedicated and competitive Dragon Boat team that welcomes people from all walks of life to join one of HK's premier paddling teams.

Tai Tam Tigers (TTT) was originally formed in 1999 by a group of residents from the Tai Tam area of HK island.  The team ethos revolves around hard working individuals with family, work and travel commitments who want to do their best in the sport with a clear determination to win events, but not to the detriment of personal and family life.  This ethos is central to the Tai Tam Tigers and survives to this day.

The club welcomes individuals of all levels of fitness with a goal to training everyone to perform well as a team to win race events.  The ultimate achievement, however, is to ensure the team performs well whilst enjoying a team sport and experience in a club with great social and family spirit.

Jim Fagan, Captain (2015)


Tai Tam Tigers